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Post Cards from Georgia Maggs - Weaving Stories of Life, Travel and the Art of Living.

December 22, 2023

Post Cards from Georgia Maggs - Weaving Stories of Life, Travel and the Art of Living.

Recently back from sailing through the breath-taking Whitsunday Islands, Georgia effortlessly showcased our latest PARAISO collection amidst stunning landscapes. Her partnership with Abbie & Hüsen Swim went beyond a simple endorsement, it's a fusion of shared values and a joyful celebration of life's vibrant colours.

Georgia is a creative who captures life's essence through her thoughtful words and ability to find beauty in every moment, experience or person. Her writing, photography and keen eye reflects wisdom and introspection, offering a glimpse into our shared humanity that sparks contemplation and empathy. Despite her remarkable humility, Georgia emanates boundless warmth and love, making her a cherished friend.

Fresh from her sun-soaked adventure, we had the chance to chat with Georgia about her unique perspective on life. As she returned home, she shared her insights with us, offering a glimpse into the world of this hidden gem on Instagram and how her approach to life sets her apart.


First of all G, how was the trip?

It was incredible, I can’t believe we have such a vast array of landscapes in Australia, this year I had visited the red dirt in Exmouth, and the crisp breezes of Esperance, and now the tropical humidity and colour palette in QLD. I feel so lucky to live here.

Have you always been a sailor? 

Nope, not at all! I actually picked up sailing relatively recently, back in February 2023 when my Dad gifted me a week long sailing course for Christmas. To be honest, it wasn't something I had considered before, especially since I didn't grow up around boats. I initially doubted my ability to navigate and keep a sailboat afloat hahah. However, I was surprised at how quickly sailing became second nature, almost like muscle memory kicking in. This is not to say I have mastered it, I have quite a lot more to learn. But now, I can confidently assure myself that the chances of capsizing are slim-er.


What does life look like for you at the moment? How do you start your days.

I live quite a nomadic lifestyle currently, one week I live with one of my best friends and help him with his 4 year old, and the next I’m either travelling, possibly down to Margaret River, or visiting my parents and my puppy Otto. Given I never know where I will be means that a morning routine is a little hard to maintain, though at a minimum I wake up early to catch the morning light, go for a swim in the ocean then buy a coffee from Longview in North Cottesloe. After that I put some music on and write a to do list for the day.

What are you reading/listening to at the moment?

Reading: I just finished All About Love by Bell Hooks. Now I’m reading The Lighthouse by Virginia Wolfe.

Listening: My taste in music is unpredictable, though at the moment I have Etta James, Robbie Williams, Brenton Wood, and Zach Bryan on repeat. Not to mention some talented friends who are always on the playlist; Jack Davies, San Cisco, Albert Loss, Stella Donnelly, Jay Grafton, and Banjo Lucia.

Podcasts: Casefile! And I always tell people to listen to S-town if they haven’t. It offers such a unique perspective from someone living a profoundly different existence, yet draws parallels to universal human experiences. I found it reminds listeners that we can all understand and relate to one another even though it might not seem we can.

You seamlessly integrated our latest bikini collection into your journey. Can you tell us how fashion and style play a role in expressing your identity, especially in the context of travel and exploration?

I mean, integrating this collection into my Whitsundays identity was easy. When your engulfed in such amazing landscapes it seeps into your soul so I found myself unknowingly reflecting the things I saw in what I wore. The colours and hues of the latest collection matched every scenic backdrop from the boat. The Ombre Hibiscus print colour looked beautiful against the sails of the yacht. The Amazon colourway in green seemed like it was made for Hamilton Island and its Rainbow Lorikeets. And the Cocoa sets were perfect for every day, they looked beautiful against the sand, the boat, and the water.

Navigating the azure waters on a bareboating adventure sounds like a dream. Can you share a specific instance or discovery from the trip that left a lasting impact on you?

Oh my gosh, I mean the entire trip was a stunning discovery. Every scene was overwhelmingly beautiful, and sailing through them added this whole new layer of awe.

Starting the trip in Nara Inlet and ending the trip at Blue Pearl Bay north of Hayman Island were the perfect intro and finale, the marine landscapes were so different, one with muddy mangroves the other with dead coral for sand.

With limited reception on the boat, I listened to old music and often watched on the ripples in the water. And I guess the more important discovery for me was when I really positioned the relationship between humans and nature as equal in those moments. It doesn’t seem right to assume complete power over it like we do. The ecosystems within it, the fish, history, etc. I think we forget we aren’t the only thing important on the earth. I also felt a great sense of belonging, not only in those moments but the relationship with nature throughout history. It just seems like we are meant to be partners. 

What's next on your horizon, Georgia? Any exciting plans or projects in the works that you can give us a sneak peek into?

Well, I recently completed my Law degree, so in 2024 I’ll be exploring where this career may take me. I've also been involved in collaborative philanthropic endeavours with a Western Australian Marine company, which has been a rewarding commitment that I am grateful to continue in the upcoming year.

Alongside this, I'll continue writing, contributing to both personal projects and supporting fellow artists. Additionally, I'm dedicated to my role with The Farm Margaret River, a charitable organisation that platforms and supports artists.

And on a personal note, 2024 might just unfold with more travel in the cards for me. With my Father settling in Serbia for work, I plan to pay him a visit and co-ordinate some quality time with my best friend and her fiancé, who are currently venturing through Europe for the foreseeable future.



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